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Dr. Lew Wheelwright (Chiropractor)

Doctor of Chiropractic/Pain Relief Specialist

Dr. Lew Wheelwright

Dr. Lew Wheelwright (Dr. Lew) has served the Ogden Utah area as a Chiropractic physician for over 40 years. Specializing in chronic degenerative health problems, pain and acute injuries. Dr. Lew uses a wide range of modalities in addition to the many chiropractic services he offers, which include nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathies, Prolo therapy, laser, and kinesiology.

Dr. Lew has also served on the State Board of Examiners and as President and Chairman of the Utah State Chiropractic Association for which he has also served as legal legislative co-chair. He has twice been voted as Chiropractor of the year, along with numerous honorable mention awards for his many years of service.

Dr. Lewlew’s goal in is to coach others in the health care arena and help them reach their optimal health goals using the body as the center/source of healing.

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