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Back Pain Relief

Back pain can cause a person to drastically change their entire way of living. This is especially true for the individuals who are accustomed to an active lifestyle. Here are some of the ways that a Dr. Lew and Dr. Ryan, our Ogden Chiropractors, can help to relieve your back pain.

Reduces the need to use pain medications

In an effort to bring some relief to their aching back, some people choose to use pain medications. While pain medications may provide temporarily comfort, they can cause a number of health problems in the long run. After a relaxing chiropractic session, most clients begin to experience significantly less pain. This is good news for the people who are seeking a natural alternative to dangerous pain medications.

Promotes physical activity

Often times, back pain sufferers are forced to get an extra amount of bed rest. Unfortunately, too much bed rest can actually cause their discomfort to worsen. By gently manipulating the various regions of the spine, chiropractors are able to increase a person’s mobility. Remaining active is certainly one of the best ways to relieve back pain.

Faster rate of recovery

In the event that a person injures their back, a physician will likely recommend several weeks of physical therapy. Although physical therapy can be effective, chiropractic treatment can speed up the recovery process. The chiropractic treatment program can even be designed to work in harmony with a physical therapy program. The main goal is to get the person back on their feet as soon as possible.

Lowers the overall degree of pain

Chiropractors specialize in reducing pain and bodily discomfort. If the chiropractor discovers a spinal misalignment or rib misalignment, they will focus on readjusting the person’s body. While many clients experience back pain relief after only one chiropractic session, it typically takes multiple sessions for the bones to begin to completely realign. After a while, the client should eventually begin to feel totally pain-free.

Long-term relief

Chiropractic care is not just a short-term solution for back pain. Due to the fact that their spine will be properly aligned, many chiropractic patients are able to live without any chronic back pain. There is no overlooking the fact that back pain can be excruciating at times. Fortunately, chiropractic care can definitely provide long-lasting back pain relief. 

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