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Neck Pain

Chiropractors frequently treat patients suffering from chronic neck pain because this region of the body is highly susceptible to receiving an injury. Whiplash during a vehicular collision is one of the reasons why someone experiences discomfort in this region of the neck, but there are also other causes, including having a chronic condition such as arthritis. No matter what the cause of an individual’s discomfort, finding natural neck pain relief is possible. First, schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable chiropractor for a complete evaluation of the spinal column, including its vertebrae, disks and nerves.

Finding Natural Neck Pain Relief

Natural neck pain relief can help individuals to avoid invasive surgery or taking prescription medications. Some of the best ways to reduce discomfort in the neck include:

  • Gentle exercise such as yoga stretches or swimming
  • Applications of ice packs or a heating pad several times a day
  • Using a specialized pillow for neck pain while sitting or reclining
  • Visiting a chiropractor on a routine basis for spinal adjustments
  • Learning proper posture while standing, sitting and walking

Someone waking each day with severe neck pain is probably sleeping on a lumpy or soft surface. Investing time and money on a high-quality mattress, box spring foundation and pillow for neck pain can quickly lead to less discomfort. A cheap pillow from a department store breaks down fast and provides little support for the head, neck and shoulders.

Ordering a Pillow for Neck Pain

A chiropractor can recommend the correct pillow for neck pain after an examination and asking a few questions. Someone who sleeps on their side may need a different pillow than an individual who sleeps on their back. If the cervical area of the neck is recovering from an injury, then ordering a specialized pillow is necessary to have neck pain relief. Everyone’s body, neck and head shape is different and requires a different type of pillow for neck pain relief. One person may need to support their head to avoid severe neck pain while another person needs to have firm support under the neck instead.

Undergo Spinal Adjustments from a Chiropractor

Despite replacing bedding and learning better posture, an individual’s severe neck pain can persist, but visiting a chiropractor is a natural and effective way to resolve severe neck pain. An individual with severe neck pain can visit a chiropractor once or twice a week for several months to undergo spinal adjustments that can repair pinched nerves and reduce compression between disks and bones.

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