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Massage Therapy and Chiropractics

Massage Therapy and Chiropractics

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been used throughout history and many cultures to help heal, relieve stress, and maintain a healthy body and well-being. Massage focuses on the soft tissue of the body such as the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. A massage therapist manually manipulates the muscle tissue to release tension and stimulate healing.

The combined practices of massage therapy and chiropractic treatment cohesively work to benefit the health of the entire body. The relationship between chiropractic care and massage therapy can be associated with the relationship between the skeleton and muscles. The skeleton is the framework - a framework that should be aligned and supported properly to grant health and well-being to the rest of the body.

While chiropractic care focuses on the mechanical alignment of the skeletal framework, massage therapy reinforces the framework by supporting the health of them muscles. The muscles help hold the skeletal framework in place, helps to facilitate the proper function of many other systems of the body while also allowing mobility.

The integration of these two different approaches can be especially beneficial in relieving pain from injuries or providing ongoing healthy maintenance. There are many who can benefit from regular massage and chiropractic visits: contact sport athletes, runners/marathoners, cyclists/triathletes, auto accident victims, osteoarthritis sufferers, those who suffer from depression, insomnia, cholesterol, prostate issues, as well as those who require regular physical therapy.

Consulting the experienced chiropractors and massage therapist at Chiropractic Health Center of Ogden about utilizing both of these beneficial treatments can greatly improve recovery and overall health.

How is Massage Therapy Beneficial?

There isn’t just one kind of massage. There are in fact dozens of modalities of massage that can be used to facilitate different needs. Speaking with a licensed and experienced massage therapist will help an individual determine which of these modalities match their specific needs. At Chiropractic Health Center of Ogden, Carla Larsen, the in-house massage therapist, is specialized in performing several forms of massage including:

  • Swedish Massage: This is the most common form of massage and is generally the best modality to use for those who wish to simply relax tight or sore muscles, relieve stress, and is beneficial during pregnancy. This type of massage generally covers the areas of the back, neck, shoulders, and legs.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: A massage that focuses on the body’s deepest layer of muscle and tissue. This form of massage may be useful to those you suffer from chronic pain, muscle injuries, and blood pressure issues while improving the ability of the lymphatic system to function properly and relieving stress.
  • Sports Massage: This form of massage is geared specifically for athletes and athletic injuries. The massage therapist may use a combination of deep tissue work, stretching/flexibility movements, and strength-training to help the injury heal quickly and properly. The goal is usually for the athlete to return to a high level of performance as soon as possible.
  • Lymphatic Massage: For those who wish to boost their immune system and help rid the body of toxins. This massage is done with lite pressure and slow movements aimed at stimulating the lymph nodes. This is usually performed on the face, neck, arms, as well as around the breast to help drain the lymph. The lymphatic massage is ideal to do following a deep tissue massage.

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